The Leon Lover Club

Join our club for regular email updates, exclusive offers, tastings & treats. When you first sign up, we'll send you a starter treat of 40% off after 5pm.

Your privacy is super important to us, so we won’t share any of your information with any one else. Pinky promise. Just click on the yellow box to sign up.

Here are some of the things you’ll get when you are part of our club:

  • Regular offers & treats.
  • A monthly newsletter, where we tell you what, where, why and when everything is going down.
  • First dibs on new restaurant opening news.
  • Birthday presents on your day of birth, every year.
  • Invitations to any parties, tastings or events we may put on.

If there are more things that you think we should give our Leon Lovers, please email us. We really want to hear.

We look forward to clubbing with you.

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