Sustainability is about managing not only the financial but also the social and environmental impact of a local business. Leon is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. The association exists to help restaurants become more sustainable in the way they source their ingredients, engage with their local community and manage their impact on the environment. The restaurant industry has a huge impact on the food chain - restaurants account for almost half of what the British spend on food and if we behave more sustainably, this will eventually trickle down through the food production system, with enormous consequences for the way we farm and eat.


We currently have 2 stars and are awaiting our latest rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. We'll add the full details to the page soon.


The fish in our fish finger wrap is sustainable and from Icelandic shoals - which are also monitored by Waitrose and John Lewis Partnership. We have also had them checked out by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and they got the thumbs up. If you want more information, please email us.


The bulk of our bespoke packaging is biodegradable. We want to make this the case for all our packaging.


Healthy eating is a big part of sustainability. We used the Children's Food Trust guidelines to help create a balanced & nutritious children's menu. During the development of our children's offer, we focused on keeping sugar, salt and saturated fat to a minimum.


Because we make our food fresh daily, we sometimes have some left overs. If you know of a charity near to any of our restaurants that would like to pick these up, please let us know.


We constantly work to reduce the number of vehicles involved in our food supply chain.

  • Over the last 2 years we have reduced the number of suppliers that deliver fresh food to our restaurants to 3.
  • 99% of our product is now delivered overnight or very early in the morning, this has reduced the time taken to make deliveries and has reduced fuel consumption by vehicles being able to make the most direct and economical route.
  • Our deliveries are made by hand or on trolleys - not on pallets, removing the issue of pallet wastage.
  • As little packaging as possible is used in our supply chain and any food wastage is kept to a minimum.
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