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The Leon young chefs competition

cHef CHarloTTe

10 dishes

10 dishes


Latest dish

Brilliant Burgers


500g of Beef Mince
2 tablespoons of Tomato Ketchup
1 large Onion
mixed herbs
2-3 slices of Bread (into breadcrumbs)
4 small Mushrooms
salt and pepper
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of olive oil (for frying)
1 Egg (to combine)
2 tablespoons of Flour to coat

Makes 4 large burgers

Why did Charlotte make this dish?

I made this dish because I wanted to make something really tasty for my family to enjoy.

How to make Brilliant Burgers

1. Add your mince into a large bowl and break it up with a fork.

2. Then chop the onion into small pieces (I used a chopping machine to do this).

3. Now do the same to the mushrooms and breadcrumbs.

4. After that combine all three ingredients with the meat; mix well.

5. Then add your tomato ketchup, worcester sauce, salt and pepper and herbs into the mixture, combine well.

6. Add small amounts of egg until the mixture is combined.

7. Next sprinkle some flour onto your hands and pull out the meat mixture.

8. Drop onto cling film and wrap tightly into a long sausage shape (twisting the ends like a cracker) and place into the fridge for about an hour (this is optional but it lets the mixture chill and combine even better).

9. Remove from fridge and take out of the cling film. Cut the sausage into 4 and again dust your hands in flour. Shape each piece into balls and flatten slightly.

10. Repeat this until you have 4 nicely sized burgers.

11. Heat some oil in a frying pan.

12. Place the burgers carefully into the hot pan.

12. Cook them for about 8 minutes on each side (This may vary as your burgers could be smaller or bigger than mine).

13. Place your brilliant burgers on your choice of a soft roll and serve with some chunky chips and salad.

Easy and delicious!

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