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We give 15% off when you show us your student card, to make it well easy for you to eat well and live well.

We give 15% off when you show us your NHS card, to make it well easy for you to eat well and live well.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Is our meat Halal
    • No our meat isn’t halal. We have a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • What is pasteurised
    • All our cheese is pasteurised, as is our aioli. The only products that aren’t pasteurised are the eggs in our egg pots and our breakfast muffins. These are cracked and freshly poached every morning. If you are pregnant you are safe to eat UK eggs, read more here.
  • Gluten Products
    • None of our bakery products, contain gluten. However, our Chocolate Chip Cookie are baked in big kitchens that do handle gluten. We are very strict about processes and making sure there is no contamination risk, but nonetheless we just don’t want to take the risk and label them GF.
      We agree this isn’t ideal and are working with our bakers to make our full cake range gluten free. Any more information please contact Rebecca.
    • Our porridge oats are milled in a factory that handles other cereals containing gluten, so we can’t certify it as gluten-free even though oats naturally are gluten-free. We have been searching for a replacement oat that is organic and gluten-free, but our searches to date haven’t met our quality standards. This is a big priority for us this year. Any more information please contact Tom.
  • Who to contact for franchise enquires
    • We are currently not looking for any UK franchise partners, however if you looking for international franchise drop an email to Abe Matamoros and Simon Kelsey.
  • Fancy  getting one of our recipes 
    • We publish a lot of recipes in our cookbooks, which you can buy here. If you’re after a specific recipe then let us know, so we can direct you to the right book.
    • You can also check our our recipe blog.
    • Our most requested recipe is our date butter, which is also our easiest to make: just blitz equal weights of dates and water, and add a little sprinkle of vanilla powder. Cover and refrigerate, it should keep for around 5 days.
  • Recycling 
    • Our coffee cups are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable cups with recyclable sleeves. Read more about our coffee here.
    • Plastic cutleryWe’re investigating a lot of compostable cutlery options, and would really love to be plastics-free front of house by 2018. Watch this space, we’re checking out the feasibility right now.
    • Packaging
      The bulk of our bespoke packaging is biodegradable. We want to make this the case for all our packaging.
    • For more information on our sourcing and sustainability click here.
  • Charity Request
    • Any requests please email Orla.
  • Corporate Discounts
  • We don’t give corporate discounts but we can set up a meal deal for you and your office. Please, contact Lilly.
  • Corporate catering 
  • We don’t do any corporate catering, but we can deliver LEON to your office with Deliveroo and UberEATS.
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